“Cooking is everything that surpasses food as an obligation. It is the care in choosing, preparing and transforming food in a way that is appealing to human senses.”

Heinz Becktomatoes

Cuisine is an art that finds its place halfway between inspiration and technique.

This is why Legnoart-made accessories and utensils used to prepare food

stand out for both superior quality and a sophisticated design. All the material we use is precious, resistant, functional and environmentally friendly. Shapes inlaid in ash, walnut or maple meet the smooth surface of fine porcelain, strong steel or marble.

“After all, a work of art cannot be
achieved with ideas, but with hands.”

Pablo Picasso

We take care of wood throughout the production cycle. The process takes place in controlled environments, to preserve the wood from thermal shocks. We like to bring out the natural beauty of wood, even when it has minor imperfections: all those slight defects make on plank unique and different from any other. The coating is manual and does not resort to chemical processes. This is how our products are not a uniform stock of like products, but an array of unique and original pieces.

“You really can change the world if you care enough.”

Marian Wright Edelman

Our environmental soul pushed us to researching innovative materials that give Legnoart products great function and elegance, though always with sheer respect for the environment. This is why we use wood fibre and rice husk. Wood fibre is a fully biodegradable, compostable and recyclable material. It is made from bamboo and sugar cane fibre and it washable, wear and use resistant.
Rice husk is one of the most environmentally friendly inventions of the last years, in that it comes from the part of rice that used to be thrown away.
Today we take this material and use it to manufacture kitchen accessories;
indeed, it is water, oil and temperature resistant.

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